April 21, 2021

Downtown Nashville Proposal on the Pedestrian Bridge | Isaac + Megan

Proposals are always such a whirlwind to photograph. Especially a downtown Nashville proposal because there’s always lots of people around and everyone waiting on their toes to congratulate the couple. Proposals happen so quickly and the pressure is on to photograph that perfect moment, without making it obvious to the other what’s about to happen. When Isaac first reached out about proposing to Megan while on their vacation to Nashville, I knew he wanted it to be special (and a surprise!). The Nashville Pedestrian Bridge was the perfect spot to pop the question, especially for a couple visiting from out of town.

I loved capturing Megan’s teary reaction to Isaac’s proposal. I didn’t pose them, I just stayed back and let them soak in the first moments of being engaged, which are always so sweet to photograph. They embraced each other and gushed over Megan’s new ring.

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